Welcome To Our Training Studio

We believe that achieving fitness goals requires a multi-pronged approach. A personalized trainer will create a customized workout schedule for you. A nutritionist will help you to eat healthily both inside and outside of our fitness center. 




Our Services

Welcome to our full-service training studio that focuses on more than just your body.


Personalized Training

We have a team of personal trainers to hold your hand to ensure you work out as desired according to the health protocols.


Group Fitness classes

We know how tough it is to train as an individual. Therefore our group sessions have been successful with positive results.

Nutritional Support

Diet and exercise are inseparable entities. We have a resident nutritionist who ensures that we check on what we consume as trainees as much as we work hard.


Push your Self to your Limit

Testimonial Section


“The trifecta really helps … motivational coach, personal trainer, and nutritionist. I couldn’t have made it this far on my fitness journey without their help!”

– Sally Peterson


“I look forward to my weekly sessions and even find myself asking for salad dressing on the side. I’ve never felt healthier and my fitness goals are being surpassed. I’m amazed!”

– Katie Olsen


“The center is amazing. It is like a camp for anyone that wants to get healthy, eat right, and stay strong.”

– Jason Andrews



London Training Studio

36 Seafield Street
SY20 4UE


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We are open Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.