Programs and services

We are a comprehensive gym support services geared towards ensuring you are fit as a group or as individuals.

Here are some of the services you will benefit from us

  1. Personal training

We have a team of personal trainers to hold your hand to ensure you work out as desired according to the health protocols.

The trained staffs have vast knowledge when it comes to fitness. Talk to them and let them understand your objective.

At that point, they will draft a workout plan based on your schedule to ensure there is a win-win system.

The training doesn’t end at the gym; way after your workout program, there is a follow-up to check if all is well.

The advice, guides and tips come in handy to make sure you aren’t left out. That tells you we are more health-conscious than a commercial entity.

  1. Group fitness classes

We know how tough it is to train as an individual. Therefore our group sessions have been successful with positive results.

We only do this with your consent. The group sessions are only viable for people with similar goals for the workout plan’s effectiveness and efficiency.

The sessions have several activities within their jurisdiction, which include

  • Boot camps
  • Walking groups
  • Bike riding
  • Dancing classes
  1. Nutritional support

Diet and exercise are inseparable entities. We have a resident nutritionist who ensures that we check on what we consume as trainees as much as we work hard.

The nutritionist looks at individual needs, and since they are trained, they also consider underlying conditions to ensure you get enough nutrients to improve on your health.

We advocate for healthy eating and not starving, especially for customers on a weight loss program.

  1. Dance fitness sessions

We have fun in the entire process. Once in a while, when we feel we have done too much on workouts, we don’t stop it.

Instead, we do it in a fun way. That is when dance fitness comes in place. Our dance classes have attracted a wide range of customers; it’s one of the sessions that all our members don’t want to miss.

We dance as we achieve our weight loss/ fitness goals. Join us and enjoy the fun.

  1. Lifestyle seminars

You don’t have to hit the gym all the time. Information is power. We hold monthly lifestyle seminars to give you information on the latest trends and research regarding fitness, diet, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Our life coaches are on standby to answer your queries and worries to ensure you have a satisfied, quality and fulfilled life.

  1. Weight loss programs

Fitness and weight-loss topics run hand in hand. We have vibrant weight loss programs for both short term and long term weight loss plan.

Models usually enjoy the short-term option while the rest of the population are patient enough to take their bodies through the steps to achieve the desired results.

What is your discouragement or disappointment in your current fitness plan? Are you looking for an experienced personal trainer to take you through the process?

If yes to this and you stay in London, then London Personal Training Studio should be your ultimate fitness center choice.

You will get your desired fitness goals with minimal effort. All we ask you os patience, consistency and commitment. In the end, you will smile as you admire the result.

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